Professional Roles

Click on the links to listen to professionals working in the Criminal Justice System. Each recording offers insight into their professional role, the people that they work with, and the support that they can offer to people with learning disabilities or autism who they come into contact with in the course of their work in the Criminal Justice System

Gavin Kendall

Accredited Police Station Advisor

Eloise O’Neill

Specialist Practitioner, Liaison and Diversion

Grev Wallington

Appropriate Adult

Michael Nuttall

Mental Health Social Worker and AMHP, Liaison and Diversion

Louise Wilkinson

Speech and Language Therapist, Liaison and Diversion

Karen Quinn


Mick Lambert

Mental Health Practitioner and Learning Disability Nurse, Liaison and Diversion

Paula Backen

Court intermediary for suspects and defendants

Susan Stewart

Registered Intermediary for vulnerable witnesses

Ellie Trickett

Prison Nurse

Robert Martin

Prison Officer

Diane Trivett

Probation Officer

Ambreen Rashid

Consultant Psychiatrist

Ijaz Mahmood

Learning Disability Nurse, Secure Services