Lived Experiences

Danny, Kim and Darron have all come into contact with the Criminal Justice System. As people with learning disabilities and/or autism, they have shared their experiences so that we can learn from them in order to make sure we are able to provide the best support for others who find themselves in similar situations.

Click on the links to listen to their stories. We think you will agree that they are powerful accounts and an opportunity to gain an insight into their side of the story.

When you have listened to the stories, scroll down the page. You can listen to conversations between professionals to identify the most appropriate support available.

Danny's Story

Danny talks about the experiences which led to 23 years in prison. Danny’s son also explains the effect that Danny’s experiences had on him.

Kim's Story

Kim describes her experiences of living with mental ill health and undiagnosed autism and the effects that this had on her, resulting in contact with the Criminal Justice System.

Darron's Story

Darron explains his experiences of mate crime and how this led to criminal charges.